Thursday, 24 October 2013

I was asked to write a poem at school
Yet I could not find the words.
I could not help but feel I'm not first choice,
Not often second, but third.
So I sit and think and think and write.
But I cannot write, not like Luke Wright
Or my heroes Ginsberg or Wilde.
I only write about myself 
And how they make me riled
And I think and I think
And I think about thinking.
Striving for beauty,
Sixties doll blinking. 


  1. Hi! I really love your poetry ( I found you via Rookie!). I am the editor of Inky Magazine, which is a [currently, but soon to be paper too!] online magazine for young, aspiring writers with something fab to say (read Inky here if you want: I am currently putting together THE FIRST EVER ISSUE of Inky Paper, which is an actual 100% real magazine with mostly exclusive stuff, but a few bits from the online version too (it's all very exciting!!). I would SO SO SO love to include a poem of yours in the first ever issue (arriving, hopefully, jan 2014). You would get all the credit for this (with a link to this blog/your twitter/something else you want) in the magazine, which will be avaliable to buy for a small amount of money online, and in shops (though as a contributor you would obviously get a copy for free). I realise I'm blathering a bit here before I've even confirmed you're even remotely interested, so I'll stop. But basically, I came across this on one of my 'talent-scout' missions for someone amazing to include, and I'd love for you to be involved! If you want more information, you can email me at or, or you could just reply here which would probably be easier!
    Thanks for your time [and your fantastic writing!],
    Florence Molly
    Inky founder and editor